Critical Application Support Knowledge Becoming Extinct! Part 4

April 28, 2016 • Application Support, CIO, General ITIL Discussion, IT Outsourcing and ITIL, ITIL V3 for Application Support

Successfully implementing any knowledge capture and management solution must include processes that the keep knowledge current. The most logical place is to update this knowledge within the service delivery process. Knowledge, like the application itself is dynamic and changes very quickly over a short period of time. These changes need to be captured when they occur and reflected in the Knowledge Repository.

Finally, the knowledge delivery mechanism and navigation should be quick and easy, reflecting the needs of all those who may need specific application knowledge at any time.

The question that business executives must always ask “is it worth it”? Will the benefit of developing and maintaining this application knowledge outweigh its cost? There will a different answer for each business; however, the place to ask this question is of those whose job it is to support the applications. Ask them: What would happen if “Charlie” was gone?

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